Bali Massage — cалон эротического массажа
+7 (812) 922-21-72

+7 (812) 922-21-72
Nevsky Prospect 60, Saint-Petersburg

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Bali Massage-VIP salon
of erotic massage

ATTENTION! Bali Massage saloon offers no intimacy!

Our massage masters


Age: 20 years old

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Breast size: 3


Age: 22 years old

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Breast size: 1


Age: 19 years old

Height: 170 см

Weight: 55 kg

Breast size: 2


Height: 173 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Breast size: 2

We recommend to try

Duration: 90 min.

From long ago beautiful feet and ankles, soft skin and gracefulness of female legs awoke males’ interest. The charmer will try combination of firm and timid feet moves in this program. Beautiful legs sliding along Your body will provide You with unforgettable feelings and total relaxation. A girl will easily do an unbelievable foot massage; You will feel really blue after it! Believe, this program will provide You with great emotions and satisfaction!
  • Unique massage method;
  • Mutual touch;
  • Two exclusive erotic finals;
  • Shower with a girl after the program.

Duration: 60 min.

The chain of tenderness and passion sensations will let You get totally relaxed: the cute beauty’s hands will present each part of Your body with massage. Sensitive dance performed while doing the body massage will make You experience new jollies. First, the nude charmer oils her soft skin with special aroma oils, then she fondles You with her belly, butt and nipples. That’s the greatest temptation! You will ask for repeat and one more fireworks of emotions and feelings splash! You will get unbelievable sensations thanks to the special method and experience of the talented masseuse!
  • • Thai relaxation;
  • • Mutual touch;
  • • Erotic body massage;
  • • Getting to erotic final by imitation of oral caress.

Duration: 90 min.

If You wish to manage the erotic massage process, this program is for You only! A beautiful girl will make all Your wishes come true, and You will plan the exclusive program: what to start with, what to focus on and how to make Your private time unforgettable.
  • Shower with a girl before/ after the program;
  • Mutual touch;
  • Two erotic finals.

Duration: 60 min.

You will be totally absorbed by relaxation and euphoria at the massage. Every cell of Your body would feel the warmth and tenderness of female hands! Then the beautiful girl’s body and Your body would become one united by the inimitable body massage! Classical massage will take the first half hour of the program. It will take the stress away and prepare You for a further light erotic adventure. Thirty minutes more for a charming erotic dance – and You will get totally relaxed sinking in delight.
  • Classic relaxation;
  • Erotic body relaxation;
  • One erotic final.

Duration: 60 min.

If You wish to play the main role and become the editor of the unforgettable erotic massage, this program is for You. It’s up to You to decide what to start with, what to focus on, the alluring beauty will make all Your wishes come true. More erotic or more classic? It’s Your choice! Unbelievable trip to the world of delight and excitement!
  • Thai relaxation;
  • Mutual touch;
  • Erotic body- massage;
  • One erotic final.

Duration: 90 min.

Tender kiss – what would be more exiting for a male? Passionate, hot, but tender lip touch of a sexual girl will bring You to exhaustion. Enjoying wet, plush lips You will feel yourself really desired. This program will let You enjoy the erotic ecstasy twice.
  • Shower with a girl before/ after the program;
  • Kisses along the body;
  • Getting to erotic final with no hands;
  • Mutual touch;
  • Two erotic finals.

Duration: 90 min.

Tender hands and passionate body of a beauty will help You to reveal all secrets of exclusive relaxation! A sexual girl will make all Your wishes come true, lead You to the real deep and sweet world of unforgettable feelings! Lingam massage and urologic massage would be a nice option to the program! Tunable music and subdued light are all the one may need to deepen into the world of relaxation.
  • Lingam massage;
  • Urologic massage;
  • Mutual touch.

Duration: 120 min.

There comes a feeling when You need a thrill or adrenaline buzz… This program is exactly for such a need. Unforgettable erotic massage is getting popularity among our visitors. It includes the unlimited number of erotic finals, sauna visit, visit to the swimming pool together with a pretty nymph, foot-massage, body massage with scrubbing/honey, including three other extra options for choice.
  • Shower with a girl before/ after the program;
  • Mutual touch;
  • Three any options;
  • Unlimited number of erotic finals.

Duration: 180 min.

Perfect program for making secret fantasies and wishes come true! Combination of pleasant and healthy options in one of the most intriguing programs! Enjoy sensibility and sexuality of a beautiful girl, making all Your wishes come true!
  • Undress a girl tenderly;
  • Shower with a girl before/ after the program;
  • Fifty/ fifty;
  • Herbal program;
  • Temptation;
  • Unlimited number of erotic finals;
  • Massage in sauna and swimming pool;
  • Present for choice: tea ceremony/ Champaign and sweets.

Duration: 210 min.

We are ready to make all Your wishes and fantasies come true! Crazy sexual and really exciting program! Three luxurious girls will become Your hetaeras! Games with feathers, kisses along the body, unforgettable ice caress and relaxation six-handed including other options for Your total relaxation!
  • Three relaxation masters;
  • Striptease from beautiful girls;
  • Shower with girls before/ after the program;
  • Massage six-handed;
  • LESBI- show by three;
  • Toys;
  • Passion sounds;
  • Ice and feathers;
  • Erotic buffet;
  • Fireworks of passion;
  • Urology;
  • Lingam;
  • Massage in sauna and swimming pool;
  • Unlimited number of erotic finals.

What You should know before visiting Balimassage saloon

Visiting our saloon you should be absolutely sure you are safe. The staff regularly undergoes medical checkup. Beside the mucous membrane of the masseuse and the visitor are not in contact. This excludes the possibility of infection catch. Actual health book is obligatory for a girl to start working.

Erotic massage in Balimassage saloon means total sexual relaxation (orgasm), but no sexual transaction is possible. This is the unchangeable principle of our saloon and doesn’t depend on the sum paid by the visitor. We would be very grateful to You if You don’t offer our staff “making love”.

Yes, sure, erotic massage undermines total nude. Nobody would ask for extra pay if You try taking panties or bra off a girl, as well as if You want to feast Your eyes with her stunning body and touch it.

Of course, tender hands of Balimassage girls will help our guest relax totally, though professional massage methods are not in our focus. If You have any health problems, please, let the masseuse know about them.

In accordance with the law we do not provide massage services for the persons under 18 years of age. If the disputable case occurs, please, have a passport with You. Thus, You are welcome soon You are 18 years old, don’t make the situation uneasy for Yourself and our administrator.

Yes, the rules of Balimassage provide the pre-appointment call service. Almost every masseuse has got permanent clients. If You wish You may always appoint one and the same girl.

Saloon interiors

It’s only a two minutes walk from Gostiny Dvor metro station and you are captured by the comfortable elite Bali Massage saloon.

Modern design, excellent variety of girls at any taste, comfortable beds and the light create special intimate atmosphere – it’s all for your perfect relaxation.

(Всего 2 минуты от станции метро Гостиный Двор и вы в плену комфортного элитного салона “Bali Massage”.


Spacious rooms, modern design and perfect vent system


You won’t have to walk wrapped in a towel along the corridor


Choose the seductive program or think of Your own


Easy to get by car and metro. Delight is nearby!

Erotic program for delight lovers

Males, who are experts in luxury and real qualitative relaxation, understand how effective the qualitative massage against stress and muscles tension is. Temptation, sensitiveness, passion, delicate tenderness, real relaxation – that’s what erotic massage is about, the one performed by sexual girls.

Massage spa-saloon offers elite erotic massage in Saint-Petersburg. It’s the center of the city – Nevsky Prospect. New emotions are guaranteed in Balimassage saloon. You will hardly find another such place in the Northern Capital. Only here Your innermost desires and incredible dreams come true.

Males, who get used to the best pleasures, are provided with over 20 relaxation programs in the elite Bali massage spa-saloon. The most favorite are:

Each option will let You enjoy the unique combination of passion, sensitiveness, tenderness and relaxation.

Real and sensitive relaxation

Sexual girls are experienced and they will do the massage seductively, producing the best impression even for the erotic adventure lover.
Our saloon is worth for the males, who adore burning sensations achieved by the unique combination of intimate atmosphere, professionalism and girls’ charm, relaxing touch at body massage and possibility to make the most erotic fantasies come true. Only here the paradise relaxation is waiting for You.

Unique erotic massage is waiting for You in Bali massage saloon. You will feel real delight thanks to sensitive dances and wonderful touches. You will be able to melt in the atmosphere of luxury and delicacy and forget about work, daily routine and problems.

Where is the happiness territory? The elite spa-saloon of erotic massage in SPb is nearby – St. Petersburg, the center of the city, Nevsky Prospect. It’s the address of delight! Here You may choose erotic program and create Your own pleasures. Artful female masters will help You to see Your own personality and get total relaxation by deepening in the world of luxury and erotica.

+7 (812) 922-21-72
Nevsky Prospect 60, Saint-Petersburg

Entrance through Aurora Cinema Archway
Bali Massage — cалон эротического массажа
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